Choc Lick

Choc Lick is a classic chocolate lick which is made from the makers of Chocolate Nibbles. This is essentially powdered nibbles. Some customers use thi...
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Icy Cups

Icy cups box of 200 cups. Icy cups are a retro sweet from the 80s and 90s which are a soft milk chocolate encased in a foil cup.This is a full tub of ...
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Icy Cups Tub

Icy cups are another sweet which feature within Ashmores Kandybox’s top 10 most popular sweets bought by customers. Icy cups are a classic traditional...
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Toffee Crumble

Toffee Crumble is the original Toffee Crumble is a unique product. It is a biscuit centre with toffee coating. We would describe it as being similar t...
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Twix White

Twix White is a modern take on the traditional Mars Twix chocolate bar. This Twix is the classic 2 finger Twix chocolate with caramel on biscuits coat...
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