Jelly Buttons Tub



Jelly buttons tun is a plastic tub filled with 150g of jelly buttons.  Jelly buttons are famous from the liquorice allsorts range.
Delicious soft liquorice covered in pink and blue small round beads, staff here at Ashmores Kandybox can’t resist them!

This is a great value product and the usual price for 150g when sold loose is £1.50.

These are packaged by Ashmores Kandybox Limited and contents weigh approx. 150g. The plastic container is reusable and recyclable.

These are also available in various weights from 50g, cookie jars and victorian jars.

Weight Watchers Smartpoints: TBC Smart Points per 100g

Slimming World Syns – TBC syns per 100g (approx)